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Ceramic Dental Reconstruction for Same-Day Crowns

Ceramic dental reconstruction

Metro Square Dental Associates uses computer-aided CEramic dental REConstruction (CEREC), one of very few systems in the world that can make same-day crowns. CEREC was the first computer-assisted dental system invented. Dentist Werner Moermann designed it to make ceramic inlays available to patients at once. Before that, dentists would send molds to be made at a separate facility. The patient had to come back for another visit to get the crown inserted.

Getting Ready

Patients prepare for same-day dental restoration much the same way as they would for a traditional inlay or crown. The dentist starts with a visual exam of your teeth. That and an X-ray determines whether you have tooth damage or decay and their extent. Modern CEREC technology uses diamond bits that a computer controls with high precision. They are able to create 100% accurate restorations as a result.

The dentist’s goal is to remove a minimal amount of healthy tissue or tooth structure. At the same time, they make sure the fit is excellent at the place of bonding of the ceramic restoration.

How Does CEREC Work?

The most important CEREC technology component is the camera. The latest models use blue light LED technology. Blue light has short wavelengths, which reflect more detail. Thanks to this, imaging is as precise as possible. The camera captures a number of images, which are then linked to create a comprehensive 3D image of the area to be treated.

The camera can only take a picture when it’s unwavering. However, the image stabilization system makes it effortless to keep the camera completely steady. It detects when the tooth is in focus automatically and creates the image. All this takes just several minutes.

CEREC uses titanium powder as coating because dentin, gum tissues, and other natural oral structures reflect light in a different way. The tooth’s whole surface must reflect light the same way to ensure accurate measurements. Do not swallow this powder – not that it’s dangerous, but the dentist will need to reapply it, extending the duration of the appointment.

Ceramic Dental Reconstruction Software

he camera sends the images to a monitor in the treatment room. Here, CEREC software converts them into a template. The dentist sends this template to the milling device for production. The latest generation of ceramic dental reconstruction software is CEREC 4.0. The version determines the restoration parameters using a library of shapes. The dentist adjusts the initial template to make sure the reconstruction fits with the gum line and adjacent teeth properly. It also needs to fit against opposing teeth.

Other things the dentist looks at are aesthetics, comfort, and tight margins. This refers to a smooth transition from the tooth surface to the restoration.

CEREC software enables the dentist to work on more than one restoration at the same time. What does this mean for you as a patient? They can design onlays for two teeth with a decaying area between them simultaneously.

Depending on the desired procedure’s complexity, the design stage can take relatively long. Dentists will not rush through this stage. An inadequate design will need changes and you’ll ultimately lose more time.

The next stage is milling, where CEREC equipment fabricates the crown. This takes less than 10 minutes.

Final Stage

To install the crown, the dentist gets rid of the remnant of material, checks the fit in your mouth, and carries out some final manual shaping. They will apply a stain or a glaze to make the crown look even more natural. They set the colors, prepare the surfaces for bonding, apply cement and attach the crown. From start to finish, the whole ceramic dental reconstruction process takes less than two hours.

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