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“CEREC,” or “ceramic reconstruction,” is a relatively new procedure that allows for a full mouth reconstruction in one dental visit. Traditionally, mouth reconstruction involves a handful of dental appointments, during which ceramic inserts are fixed to the gums individually. Computer-aided design (CAD) technology creates a virtual mold without requiring impressions from your dentist, and can build a new set of teeth while you wait in the chair. If your dentist recommends a new set of crowns, ask him or her about CEREC and whether it’s right for you.


After determining that a full mouth reconstruction is required, your dentist will schedule an inpatient visit for your same-day crowns. During this appointment, you will sit in a CEREC chair while your dentist uses an oral camera to take virtual impressions of your mouth; the computer will then design a new ceramic mold of your teeth, which is created while you wait.

Once your dentist fits the ceramic mold to your mouth, he or she may provide a few finishing details in order to match the color of your original teeth. If your dentist doesn’t have in-office printing capabilities, your uniquely designed mold will be sent to a dental laboratory, which can create the restoration and will send the finished product back to your dentist to be fitted to your mouth.


Since the early 2000s, same-day crowns and same-day implants have been possible for patients in need of significant mouth reconstruction. Compared to individual implants that require multiple dental visits, the advantages of CEREC include:

  • Time effective. If your dentist has a milling machine in his or her office, your restoration can be created and implanted in one visit.
  • Long-lasting. while crowns can consist of a variety of materials, CEREC uses ceramic to create your mold, which lasts longer and is more durable than many other ingredients.
  • Less invasive. thanks to advances in technology, the recovery period for CEREC crowns continues to decrease. Your CEREC appointment will include fewer follow-up appointments and a nearly perfect success rate.
  • Comfortable procedure. your dentist will use an oral camera instead of traditional impressions, which prevents the discomfort of bulky molds in your mouth.
  • Aesthetic. ceramic appears and functions more similarly to your original teeth than most other materials used to create crowns.
  • Accurate. the CEREC machine is considered more precise than manually administered impressions.

If your dentist has recommended a crown, inlay or onlay, you may be a candidate for CEREC mouth reconstruction. Talk to your dentist today about whether your local office offers CEREC.

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