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How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

Oral surgery
Picture this: you go to a dentist in Vernon Hills for a routine check-up and cleaning. You tell the dentist that you’ve been experiencing some pain around your molars – and you ask them to take a look… The next thing you know, you’ve been referred to an oral surgeon. This scenario causes major anxiety for people all over the county. It’s no surprise that many folks feel ill-prepared and nervous when they sit down with an oral surgeon. Even the phrase “oral surgery” is intimidating! However, oral surgery is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth – and it doesn’t have to be scary. With the right pre-op preparation, your surgery (and recovery) can be a smooth, easy experience.

What Is Oral Surgery?

Any surgical procedure that is performed in a person’s mouth is considered oral surgery. This includes simple procedures (like filling a cavity) and complex ones (like repairing a cleft lip). Oral surgeons spend close to a decade training for this specialized practice. However, that doesn’t stop patients from getting a little tense before a procedure. They worry about the pain they may feel, the recovery experience, and how well the surgeon will do his or her job. Why do people get so nervous before oral surgery? The answer is simple: a lack of understanding.

How to Prepare

At Metro Square Dental Associates, we want you to feel ready for your upcoming oral surgery. If you’re prepared for your procedure, you’re less likely to experience anxiety! Here are a few tips to help you get ready for any oral surgery procedure.

Ask Every Question

Whether you’re having a tooth extracted, an oral biopsy, or anything in between, asking questions is key. Talk with your oral surgeon before your appointment and ask them EVERY QUESTION YOU CAN THINK OF. The more you understand about the procedure, the better you will be!

Read Your Pre-op Paperwork

In addition to your question-and-answer session with your surgeon, you will get instructions to help you prepare for the procedure. Make sure you read these instructions thoroughly! They will list the specific guidelines (such as dietary restrictions) for your specific surgery.

Plan for Your Recovery

Recovering from any surgery isn’t much fun. You may not want to visit the grocery store, pick up pain medication, or even get off the couch after oral surgery. Run any important errands (like getting your medicine from the pharmacy) before your appointment. Also, make sure you have a friend or family member available to drive you home.

Stop Smoking

Oral surgeons ask their patients to abstain from tobacco use for at least 12 hours prior to surgery. This is to prevent complications with anesthesia. However, it is also wise to refrain from smoking for at least 24 hours after surgery. Smoke inhalation can interfere with the healing process and can cause intense oral pain.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The best way to prepare for oral surgery is to make sure you’re healthy and well-rested on the day of your surgery. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before your procedure. If you do, you’re more likely to feel calm and collected at your appointment. That will make your oral surgery experience much better!

Learn More About Oral Surgery

If you need oral surgery in the Vernon Hills area, Metro Square Dental Associates is here for you. Our team of oral & maxillofacial surgeons are happy to answer your questions. We will help you get a healthier smile!

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