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7 Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities at Home

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Unfortunately, children can be particularly prone to cavities, which means they may also suffer from toothaches and sensitivity. To avoid these painful symptoms and keep your child in good oral health, try these eight easy steps for preventing cavities.

1. Adjust your grocery list.

Do you buy a lot of foods that are high in sugar or starch? If so, you and your children may be at higher risk for tooth decay. When you’re grocery shopping, be sure to look at the labels to eliminate foods that have high sugar content, as these foods can cause the bacteria in plaque to release harmful acids onto your dental enamel.

2. Eliminate snacks.

If your child snacks regularly on sugary foods, this increases the frequency of “acid attacks” on their dental enamel. Therefore, try only eating at mealtimes, and be sure to follow the meal with a quick brushing or rinse.

3. Keep bottles out of the crib.

When bottles of milk, formula, or juice are left in the crib overnight, this can lead to “baby bottle decay.” This is caused by your child’s extended exposure to sugary liquids, which can harm their teeth and gums. Instead, you might consider only keeping water in the bottle that is left in the crib overnight or eliminating the nighttime bottle altogether.

4. Steer clear of sticky snacks.

Sticky sweets like toffee, Starburst, etc. can be hard to remove from the teeth. Therefore, these sugary snacks are more likely to stay in the mouth and lead to tooth decay. If you child is going to eat sweets, it is best to stick to ones that are easy to quickly chew and swallow.

5. Choose water over juice.

Drinking water fortifies your child’s dental enamel against tooth decay. The fluoride in water naturally remineralizes their teeth, preventing and even reversing the damage that is caused by harmful acids. Therefore, instead of sugary juices, consider opting for water.

6. Check on the dental hygiene routine.

To keep your child’s teeth in good health, be sure to help them brush and floss their teeth twice per day. Once they reach the age of seven, they will be able to do so on their own effectively.

7. Make regular dental appointments.

According to the American Dental Association, children should have their first dentist appointments by their first birthday. Therefore, to keep their smiles healthy, be sure to book their first appointment by the time they reach age one, and visit the dentist every six months thereafter!

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