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3 Reasons Why You May Want to Skip Your Morning Cup of Coffee

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Are you looking to drop coffee from your daily routine? Perhaps you want to save the extra cash or maybe you’d like to be less dependent on caffeine. Well, we’re here to support you in this endeavor! Not only can coffee be a daily money drain, it can also have negative impacts on the appearance and health of your teeth and surrounding tissues. Just consider these three important reasons to quit coffee in order to improve your oral health.

1. To save your dental enamel from erosion…

Did you know that coffee is a highly acidic beverage? Unfortunately, this can slowly erode your dental enamel over time, particularly if you tend to take your coffee with sugar. When you sip on sugary coffee, the bacteria in plaque feed on the sugar in your coffee and, in turn, release harmful acids onto your dental enamel. These acids, combined with the acid in your coffee, can lead to tooth decay and cavities. To combat these effects, you can try swishing water in your mouth immediately after drinking it. Even better, try brushing your teeth right away after your morning cup of coffee to spare your teeth from these negative effects.

2. To improve the smell of your breath…

Did you know that caffeine can dry out your mouth and negatively impact your saliva production? Saliva is critical for washing away harmful bacteria that would otherwise lead to bad breath and decay. Therefore, when you drink coffee, it leaves the scent of “coffee breath” behind. If you can’t go without your daily coffee fix, we would recommend chewing on sugar-free gum. This helps you to boost your saliva production and wash away harmful bacteria.

3. To avoid tooth discoloration…

Your teeth are not as smooth as you may think. In fact, they’re covered in microscopic nooks and crannies. When you drink coffee, the dark pigment in the liquid gets trapped on these rough surfaces, slowly tinting your teeth to a brownish yellow color. To further this effect, coffee is also highly acidic, which causes it to leave a yellow residue on the surface of your teeth. By skipping your morning coffee, you can protect your teeth from these discoloration effects.

If you’ve already been drinking coffee for years, you may be struggling with unwanted discoloration. Luckily, at Metro Square Dental Associates, we provide a cosmetic whitening treatment that can lift years of coffee stains from the surface of your teeth. If you’d like to learn more about how our whitening treatment can improve the appearance of your smile, simply call our Vernon Hills dental office today to schedule your consultation!

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